We live and breathe structural engineering.

Our project managers know how to collaborate with design teams to deliver the best design possible for building owners. They know how to streamline construction and deliver cost-effective solutions. And they know the markets and buildings they work with inside and out.

We’ve long been known for our expertise in wood-framed construction. And we’ve proven time and again how the right structural decisions can transform a project—whether it’s a large-scale housing development, a retail center, a complex health care facility or a corporate campus.

Our clients like the way we think.

We don’t just stick to the tried and true. We’re always on the lookout for —or creating our own — revolutionary ideas and structural applications. Ideas that save money, save time and continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

That’s why owners and developlers, general contractors and architects have come to rely on Veitas and Veitas for proven structural solutions that bridge the gap between creative and practical, innovative and cost-effective.