In business, smart, safe and modern buildings that can grow with you are a must— that’s what we deliver. From the sustainably built corporate campus to the high-tech industrial park, Veitas and Veitas Engineers is skilled in delivering innovative structural design that prioritizes operational efficiency and flexibility and maximizes space. We share the business philosophy that time is money— and we work collaboratively to achieve faster construction delivery, without sacrificing performance or result.

Manufacturing and Distribution

It takes a well-designed structural system to support the complex mechanical and operational requirements of industrial facilities. From technology-reliant manufacturing environments to busy product-to-consumer distribution centers, we design structures that solve the challenges, while remaining economical to build and operate.

Office Buildings / Research and Development Facilities

A high-performance office building starts with innovative structural design. We focus on structures that allow for greater modularity in use and configuration, keep occupants safe and comfortable and accommodate ever-changing technology, energy and mechanical infrastructure.