EMC Corporation

  • Location:Franklin, Massachusetts
  • Size:682,000 SF
  • Status:Completed in 2001


Working with Gorman Richardson Architects, Veitas and Veitas was tapped to develop structural designs for a new manufacturing facility, with 682,000 square feet of office support space. EMC had fast-tracked the project: the first area of the facility was to be turned over 12 months after design began. And yet the definition and program for the space was constantly evolving, even during the design and construction process. The facility also had immense mechanical cooling requirements. The design had to accommodate 36-foot diameter chilled water loops to provide adequate cooling.


The structure was designed with flexibility for an undefined program that evolved as it was being built. The two-story 400 x 600-foot building incorporated 50 x 50-foot bays and a 30-foot floor-to-floor height to meet cooling equipment requirements and allow for various mechanical and piping configurations. To support the 250 pounds-per-square-foot live load plus 75 pounds-per-square-foot mechanical loading, five-foot-deep plates were used to support the rolled shape floor beams with composite deck. Roof construction was framed with heavy loaded joist and joist girders. To allow for the unknown loads of mechanical equipment, flexible 25,000-pound point loadings were specified on a 25 x 25-foot grid.

The owner’s timeframe required that foundations be started just three months after design began. A month later, the structural steel frame was ready to be erected. Close collaboration with general contractor Macomber Construction and steel fabricator Canam Steel enabled this immense facility to be built safely, on time and within budget.

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