Millipore Corporation

  • Location:Jaffrey, New Hampshire
  • Size:123,000 SF
  • Status:Completed in 2005

Veitas and Veitas Engineers provided structural design for three unique Millipore Corporation projects.

UF Casting Expansion

Structural design was provided for a new two-story building which houses the UF casting operation. The building has several areas that are designated as high-hazard, H-2 use. As a result the second floor slab was designed for blast loading from below. Interior CMU walls were designed to resist the blast until the blow out panels on the exterior walls relieved the blast pressure.

New Warehouse

The firm was tasked with providing structural design for a new one-story warehouse. The new structure is located between the UF Casting Building and an existing facility.

Clean Room Renovation

Structural design was provided to convert an existing warehouse space into a clean room manufacturing facility. Renovation work included a second floor office space, a mechanical mezzanine addition and roof reinforcement to accommodate new rooftop mechanical equipment and potential snowdrift loads.

Corporate Project List