Higher Education

From expanding housing options, to updating classrooms and libraries, to state-of-the-art athletic centers, it takes a breadth of structural knowledge to address the vast and fast-changing needs of college and university campuses. Balancing sustainability, changing student expectations, tight footprints and even tighter budgets is a challenge.

At Veitas and Veitas Engineers, we have a track record of smart structural solutions for the building types that make up a campus, from multi-unit housing to recreation centers to parking facilities. Along with our collaborative nature and ability to fast track projects to meet academic calendars, it’s how we’ve become a natural long-term partner for our higher education clients.

K-12 Schools

With a track record of new construction and modernizing existing schools, Veitas and Veitas Engineers knows how to meet the challenges that public and private school districts face. We specialize in collaborating to achieve structural solutions for elementary, middle and secondary schools that are secure, economical to build and flexible in space configuration.