University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Location:Dartmouth, Massachusetts


The University of Massachusetts needed new, modern housing that would accommodate 400 students—and they needed it quickly. Design and construction would be managed to an aggressive schedule, in the midst of the school year. As a result, the structure needed to be flexible enough to handle design and programmatic changes as the project evolved.


Working as part of a design-build team with Suffolk Construction and ADD Inc, Veitas and Veitas designed six, four-story dormitory structures and a single-story commons building. Using block and plank construction with masonry bearing walls and precast floor plank allowed for maximum programmatic flexibility. Lateral wind and seismic loads were resisted by masonry shear walls. The commons building was designed with an open bar web joist system supported on masonry walls, allowing for exposed steel within the finished space. The student housing community was completed in just six months.

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