High Point Hospital

  • Location:New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Size:62,700 SF
  • Status:Under Construction

Veitas and Veitas Engineers is providing structural design for a 72-bed, state-of-the-art drug and mental health treatment facility. Extensive renovations of the existing 62,700 SF structure are underway and the new facility is scheduled to open this summer. A section of the wood framed roof structure was  reconstructed to meet non-combustible code requirements. A new stairwell was incorporated into the design, providing universal access from the main level to the second floor. The existing chiller support frame was reworked to accommodate new mechanical equipment and a pedestrian walkway. Additional structural work for this project includes a new elevator pit and shaft, foundation underpinning, exterior wall and slab infills, handicap access points and enclosure walls and footings for two new courtyards

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