Waterstone at Wellesley

  • Location:Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Size:207,742 SF
  • Units:134
  • Status:Completed in 2012


Partnering with Elkus Manfredi Architects, Veitas and Veitas was tasked with creating a cost-effective structural design for a modern assisted living facility in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The facility needed to incorporate a one-story, below-grade parking garage featuring a main-level courtyard drop off area.


The three- and four-story wood framed assisted living facility was designed to sit above the below-grade parking garage. To remain within the project budget, upper levels were framed in wood. The wood framing was transferred at the first floor by composite steel beams and composite metal deck. The building was stabilized for wind and seismic loads using plywood-sheathed shear walls. The large wood-framed structure was designed within budget, achieving the client’s goal of a construction-friendly, cost-effective design.

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