Legacy Place

  • Location:Dedham, Massachusetts
  • Size:675,000 SF
  • Construction Costs:$200M
  • Status:Completed in 2009


WS Development envisioned a vibrant mixed-use complex on a 40-acre site, providing retail and office space. While flexibility of space is always important for retail properties, in a lifestyle center with many potential tenants occupying footprints of 5,000 square feet and leasing processes paralleling design, it’s critical. They needed a structure that could accommodate changes in façade and an evolving roster of tenants, all the way through construction. With a theater in the mix, structural designs also had to manage acoustical concerns.


Working with Prellwitz Chilinski Associates, Inc. (PCA), Veitas and Veitas designed structural systems for the 675,000-square-foot mixed-use complex, which incorporates 60 retailers and restaurants, a 15-screen theater and offices. We worked collaboratively on the theatre structure with PCA, the theatre architect and a sound consultant to ensure all acoustical concerns were resolved. The solution incorporated a separate suspended concrete floor below the theatre floor to isolate sound. The property has averaged 95% occupancy since its opening.

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